Quick Frame Estimating


Demonstration Videos

We have found that demonstrations video's are a great way for estimators to see the real power of our estimating system without having to spend the time to be trained to use it.

These Quick Frame Estimating Demonstration Video's will take you through all the major input area's of Quick Frame. After watching you should have a good idea how Quick Frame works and how powerful it is.

If you would like a copy of these Video Demonstrations on a CD, simply request one through our Demo CD Request form.

  1. Intro Section: Introduction 
  2. Studs Section: Studs, Mudsill, Plate with Optional Inclusions of Blocking, Plumb & Line, Bracing, & Shea
  3. Posts Section: Posts, Auto Database access, Entering notes, Copy & Paste, & Fill Downs
  4. Headers Section: Headers, Cut Packages for Window & Door openings
  5. Shear Section: Shear or Rock Calculation, Hardi Walls, Strong Walls, Etc...
  6. Stairs Section: Stair Material - Including Stringers, Tread & Risers, & Landing Materials
  7. Joists Section: Joist & Sub Floor Calculation
  8. Roof Section: Cut & Stack roof with Auto Sheathing Calculation
  9. Roof Sheathing: Roof Related Materials - Barge/Varge, Fascia, Starter Board, Roof Sheathing, Etc...
  10. Siding Section: Siding Full Wraps of Sheathing and Rock
  11. Exterior Section: Exterior Trim, Decks, Railings, and Fences
  12. Compiled Lists Section: Compiled Lists and Material Check Sections
  13. Consolidation Section: Consolidation and Lumber Tracker Sections
  14. Labor Section: Labor Calculation
  15. Material Section: Hardware, & other framing related materials as well as virtually any other materials



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